Data-sharing paper online

Our paper Towards a sustainable ecological science is now online at Ideas in Ecology and Evolution. Thanks are due to Karthik Ram for the invitation. This is going to be a very exciting special issue. If you want to know more about the paper, the best thing to do is most likely to read it (it’s open access). But in short, we (I, Ross Mounce, and Dominique Gravel), try to make a point of all the benefits of sharing data in ecology. There are some parts about licenses, and some parts about JSON (because of course there are).

But besides the content of the paper (that made me think a lot about data sharing), the way we wrote it was extremely fun. Everything was done on GitHub, in mardkwon,and we’ve used Issues and all the tricks in the book to keep track of what needed to be done. It’s also the first paper in which my twitter handle is listed in the contacts, and I’ll probably do that for every paper now.

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