Goodbye Wordpress, hello Jekyll!

A few weeks ago, I discovered Jekyll. In a nutshell, Jekyll is a static site generator who promised me I’ll be able to blog like a hacker. This site is now hosted on GitHub, and both the template and the content can be forked, so everything is basically open source.

Jekyll is a lot of fun to use, especially because all of the content reside in static text files instead of a database. It’s also fully compatible with the markdown format, which is a lot easier to write than html. For example, writing a simple text in bold in markdown is done through

**text in bold**

rather than the equivalent html

<strong>text in bold</strong>

So a less lot keys to press (especially on my new QWERTY keyboard). The fact that Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language also make the overall design process fun. In addition, the whole system is working on GitHub, so I have complete version control on everything. This is so awesome!

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